Phillips Academy Andover

Institution Profile

Phillips Academy Andover was founded in 1778 and is an independent residential high school located 25 miles north of Boston in the town of Andover. In 1973, Phillips Academy Andover became co-educational when it merged with an all female high school called Abbot Academy.

Description of Digitized Collections

Several collections were digitized in the fall of 2012 through spring of 2013. This includes more than 80 maps from the Sidney R. Knafel Map Collection at Phillips Academy, as well as 73 yearbooks from Abbot Academy known as “The Circle” dating from 1900 to 1973, 12 alumni publications known as the “Abbot Bulletin” from 1923 to 1973, and a book that documents the history of Abbot Academy from 1828-1973.

Highlighted Items

Sidney R. Knafel Map Collection at Phillips Academy


Abbot Academy yearbooks

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