Preparing your materials for transportation

When you decide how you would like to transport your materials to the BPL, we will give you a pick-up or drop-off date based on our ability to store and digitize the material in a timely fashion.

Once a date has been set, the material should be packed in travel-safe, human-liftable boxes and the boxes should be prepared prior to the arrival of whomever is picking up the materials. For books, the type of box that often holds reams of printer paper is a good size (nothing larger). If you are transporting a large number of small, archival boxes, placing a few of them inside a larger box facilitates the transportation process.

If you choose to have BPL staff collect your materials, most often the pick-up will be performed by professional librarians in an SUV. The librarians have experience handling rare materials and will endeavor to ensure the safety of your materials during the transportation process. They are not, however, professional movers. Packing materials too heavily or too insecurely represents a risk to the health of the librarians and the safety of the materials. The BPL reserves the right to refuse to transport any materials that have not been sufficiently packed.

If you choose to have BPL staff collect your materials, we also reserve the right to refuse transport due to signs of extensive fragility, disrepair, volatility, instability, mold, infestation, or other conditions that may adversely affect the aforementioned materials, other materials, or the BPL staff and/or equipment during transportation or digitization.

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