Getting materials to the BPL

Transporting Materials to the Boston Public Library (BPL) for digitization

When the digital lab is ready to accept custody of your materials, it is time to decide how to transport your materials to the library.

There are three ways to transport the materials:

  1. Hire professional shippers to transport the materials to the BPL. We recommend this method if the collections are particularly large and/or physically uniform and stable. Bound materials usually are good candidates for shipping unless they are particularly rare and fragile. If you would like to hire shippers we recommend W. B. Meyer. We have used them in the past and they have experience in transporting materials for libraries and archives. For more information about their services, you can find their website at:
  2. Bring the materials to the BPL yourself. This method is recommended for those libraries digitizing materials that are particularly fragile or valuable. The library does not insure the materials we are digitizing. Transportation is the riskiest part of the process and many institutions feel more comfortable moving their own materials.
  3. Librarians from the BPL can drive to your institution, pick up your materials, and transport them back to the BPL. This is the most commonly selected and often the most convenient option. However, it is also the slowest, as we generally wait until we have several institutions in the same area of the state and an opening in our schedule to perform the pick up.



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