Digitization at the Internet Archive at the BPL

Bound materials such as yearbooks, annual reports, or handwritten diaries, as well as materials held in three-ring binders, will be digitized at the Internet Archive (IA), a non-profit 501(3)(c) based in San Francisco. The IA lab is optimized for digitizing, processing, and delivering bound materials. It uses Canon 5D cameras mounted over a 110-degree V-shaped book cradle and its digitization specs are more in line with those designed for text conversion from image-based to machine-readable formats.

The IA has a scan center located at the BPL (across the hall from the BPL digital imaging lab) and the BPL has been working very closely with the IA since 2007.

Once the IA digitizes an organization’s materials, it will make them available on the IA website. Each organization will have a dedicated IA page. Here is an example of an IA page for an organization that was part of this digitization program:  http://www.archive.org/details/eastbridgewaterhighschoollibrary  Notice that, by clicking the link that says “more” in the box with the “This Just In” header, this page offers access to all of the organization’s digitized items, for example: http://www.archive.org/details/torcheastbridgew1965unse

Notice that a digitized item’s IA page offers access to the book viewer (click “Read Online”), as well as downloadable digital files in a variety of formats (PDF, DAISY, ePUB, Kindle, etc.). The master files can be accessed and downloaded by following the “All Files: HTTP” link, which contains a directory listing of the original JPEG2000 image files, as well as the raw OCR (optical character recognition) and descriptive metadata files (in XML). A partner organization is free to download any or all of the files and use them however it would like at its own site. Notice also that beside “Digitizing sponsor” it reads “Federally funded with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners” and the book contributor is the partner organization.

PRIOR to digitization: Items need a bibliographic record suitable for reuse in the IA system.

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